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Friday night: sitting in a café and drinking “gourmet hot chocolate”. 

Fifteen years ago, it would have been the start to an evening, and yet now… it’s going to be the full evening. Oh, but getting older has its benefits. I don’t have to stay awake until the wee hours of the night, drinking and dancing. And yet, I sit here and listen to the younger generation talking about all the conquests of this school year.

It’s unfortunate that our society doesn’t encourage the general population to continue learning after the requisite post secondary education is received. So many times, I think we would learn so much more about ourselves if we continued learning about the world we live in.

I think that my need to learn motivates me to choose different areas of life to immerse myself in, and learn as much as I can. At this point in my life, my interest is in freedom. Financial freedom. I am trying to take in so much information, and yet – much like life – the more you know, the more you “don’t know”.

My brainstorming moment is usually when I shower. Strangely enough, that is when I choose to listen to different podcasts and try to take in as much as I can. I suppose it’s food for thought for the rest of the day.  

I’ve also had a great time exploring twitter lately, and Instagram, and learning the way around tumblr and other social media programs. I have had the chance to speak to some of the iconic bloggers and podcasters of personal finance and hustling on twitter. It’s been pretty great.

Before I sign off, I wanted to leave some important content, especially if you are just starting out like me.

While I am not a true follower of Dave Ramsey, I recently heard about his “7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace”. Here’s a breakdown:

Baby Step 1: $1,000 cash in a beginner emergency fund

Baby Step 2: Use the debt snowball to pay off all your debt but the house

Baby Step 3: A fully funded emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of expenses

Baby Step 4: Invest 15% of your household income into retirement

Baby Step 5: Start saving for college

Baby Step 6: Pay off your home early

Baby Step 7: Build wealth and give generously
I am on Step 2. My plan is to make it to the end of this year, then starting 2018, I will pay off all debts. I will update my taxes (yes, they are a bit behind). I will be deciding between paying off my car or looking at getting into an investment property (house hack). That’s what I am focusing on for 2018.
Where are you? Have you started planning for 2018? Any resolutions?

Until next time… 

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