Time flies when you are having fun

Ok, maybe fun isn’t the right word. But it’s been a busy week or two, and I look forward to updating you on it. 
I made a plan to stop paying bank fees. Part of this plan included the fact I was out of cheques. I know, who uses cheques these days? Me. 
– rent (I always pay by cheque – I have the most control that way, and I have a record of payment) 
– parking fee at work (I give post-dated cheques to extend the time between updating my pass and remembering to pay them) 
– A few practitioners require payment by cheque or cash, and I don’t carry cash very often. 
That’s just the ones I can think of now. Sometimes I pay by cheque when shopping in the States, and sometimes when I buy products from someone who has a direct sales-type arrangement. And now I am out of cheques. I have the option of spending $60 to get a book of 50, but I have decided that I am changing my banking ways, and I do not want to spend that kind of money on my cheques.
I decided to not go with Tangerine or PC Financial – I like having a branch I can go to if there’s trouble, and PCF is in the process of switching to Simplii, so I’ve heard. I have considered both as an option, but right now, neither were my first choice. I have decided to try a credit union that’s pretty big in my area. I have done a lot of work with them through my day job, so I thought I would give them a try. 
I seriously did not expect the response I received. 
I have a student loan claim sitting on my credit, and try as I might to get a statement, these people will not give it to me. So I do nothing, and I really should, but I really don’t know where to start. 
The CU decided that I had to re-earn the right for a chequing account, and show them I can manage my finances. (LOL) Ok. So I asked what my options were, and they handed me a “savings account” with no fees, no limits and no minimums. Umm… ok sounds like what I wanted in the first place! One hurdle – figuring out how to pay for rent and parking without cheques. They said to check back in a few months, and they would likely not have an issue with it. 
So, goodbye to my bank fees. I have until January 1 to figure out the rent situation, and April 1 for parking. I’ll think of something. 
I also started two new books. I started listening to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck on my commute to work. The points in the first hour or so are clever. What I learned was: There are things not big enough or not important enough to give a F*ck about. Yup, sounds right. The remainder of it so far? I don’t know yet. Part of me thinks it’s just hooey. Part of me gets mad at what he’s saying because we can have it all – if we take it. I feel there are so many people who do not try to be their best self, their most authentic self, and for that, others can take their share. Therefore, each person can be their most authentic self, just perhaps not all at the same time. 
I have no idea if that makes sense to anyone else, but I believe. I believe there’s enough money, enough room, enough everything for those who want it. For that reason, I feel like this book is undermining each and every one of us who are seeking more. Life is full of abundance.
The second book is Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s at the top of so many financial book lists. I have nearly finished it, so a more comprehensive review is to come. I am reserving my thoughts on that one for now, but it makes so much sense. 
I am ready to start looking at how to make money work for me, and it’s empowering. 
I hope some of these resources will help you on your journey, and I would love to hear more. 



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