Series: Habits of the Wealthy and how I implement them into my Life (1)


I am not wealthy. Like my page summary, I say I am too poor to be wealthy, but too wealthy to be poor. Neither word truly defines my status here on earth, however I am content with that right now. My goal is to be wealthy, in the financial sense, so that I may give back to those not as wealthy, and so that I may be my most authentic self. 
I will confess: I googled many lists of “habits of the wealthy” and chose ones that I felt would help the most people who are in shoes similar to mine. Over time, others may become more prevalent or necessary to work into my life, which will be fodder for another day. I will explain the habits I have chosen and how I have implemented them into my life so that you can do the same.

The Habit 

Prior to the end of 2017, I was taking 10-15 minutes in the morning to listen to guided meditation on an app called Insight Timer. This app is fantastic: it’s free, you can search by topic, timer, guided or instrumental, etc. I found the time to be well spent: I would focus on the day ahead, clear my mind of the night cobwebs, and remind myself that the day is starting, and it has the potential, the right to be a fantastic day.  
Over time, I have fallen from the habit, and I should revisit it again. I originally sought out the positive starts to my day as a way of dealing with a stressful 9-5 job.

Simple Changes: How to Implement 

First thing in the morning, I would listen to a short, guided meditation session, and “snooze” in my bed for another 5-15 minutes. If I felt refreshed and positive, I would start my day thereafter. Sometimes I needed a bit more, so I would either listen to a second one, or I would go to a podcast called Morning Mindfulness, a quick 2-3 minute podcast that is quirky and talks about gratitude or other life reminder, and ends with a breathe and smile reminder. This I would listen to while my coffee brewed and started breakfast. If I needed more, then I would “rinse and repeat”.
The time used for this healthy habit is not any more time than I would normally use, but used in a different way. It is easy to reflect and redirect thoughts while making coffee or pouring cereal. The difference is actually making the change and doing it.
Always my “why”. This is my happy place.