Series: Habits of the Wealthy and how I implement them into my Life (1)


I am not wealthy. Like my page summary, I say I am too poor to be wealthy, but too wealthy to be poor. Neither word truly defines my status here on earth, however I am content with that right now. My goal is to be wealthy, in the financial sense, so that I may give back to those not as wealthy, and so that I may be my most authentic self. 
I will confess: I googled many lists of “habits of the wealthy” and chose ones that I felt would help the most people who are in shoes similar to mine. Over time, others may become more prevalent or necessary to work into my life, which will be fodder for another day. I will explain the habits I have chosen and how I have implemented them into my life so that you can do the same.

The Habit 

Prior to the end of 2017, I was taking 10-15 minutes in the morning to listen to guided meditation on an app called Insight Timer. This app is fantastic: it’s free, you can search by topic, timer, guided or instrumental, etc. I found the time to be well spent: I would focus on the day ahead, clear my mind of the night cobwebs, and remind myself that the day is starting, and it has the potential, the right to be a fantastic day.  
Over time, I have fallen from the habit, and I should revisit it again. I originally sought out the positive starts to my day as a way of dealing with a stressful 9-5 job.

Simple Changes: How to Implement 

First thing in the morning, I would listen to a short, guided meditation session, and “snooze” in my bed for another 5-15 minutes. If I felt refreshed and positive, I would start my day thereafter. Sometimes I needed a bit more, so I would either listen to a second one, or I would go to a podcast called Morning Mindfulness, a quick 2-3 minute podcast that is quirky and talks about gratitude or other life reminder, and ends with a breathe and smile reminder. This I would listen to while my coffee brewed and started breakfast. If I needed more, then I would “rinse and repeat”.
The time used for this healthy habit is not any more time than I would normally use, but used in a different way. It is easy to reflect and redirect thoughts while making coffee or pouring cereal. The difference is actually making the change and doing it.
Always my “why”. This is my happy place.



Canadians, rejoice!

The time has come! We finally have an app that does what the coveted Acorns app does for the people south of us. It’s called Mylo.
Mylo is a Montreal-based FinTech startup that has created the only app for Canadians that mimics the old-fashioned change jar….with a twist.
From their own words: “Mylo is a mobile platform that automatically rounds up every purchase that users make and invests the spare change. Then, once plugged in, Mylo uses its proprietary user transactional data and artificial intelligence to provide personalized insights and recommendations so that users can make better financial decisions. Mylo helps optimize users’ insurance coverage, reduce interest payments, maximize travel points and more.”
Mylo is a program that runs only on your smartphone. The program will monitor your spending on both purchases and payments. It then rounds up the amounts based on how you direct the program to proceed. For example, you pay $42.38 for groceries, and you set up the program to round to the nearest dollar. This saving machine will deduct $0.62 from your account, and deposit it into an investment account. Not only does it invest your funds to increase the value of your savings, the program will also let you know how far along you are on meeting a goal, like saving for a vacation or retirement, and there is never a time that you are not able to access your money.




What does that mean and how does it work?

It’s actually pretty simple. If you head to the app store on your phone, you would need to download the Mylo app. It’s free to download, of course, and available to both iPhone and Android users.
Big picture: How much you have saved. Congratulations!
See ahead of time what is being transferred. You can also choose to deposit extra to build up your account.
Get the breakdown of where you spent your money.

Step One:

Open the Mylo app, and follow the prompts. It takes about three or four minutes to set up your preferences and to answer some questions about your investing background. It’s good to know how much risk can you tolerate, are you a new or seasoned investor, and a few other risk related questions that will help the program and your investment advisor select the right investments to maximize your dollars.
(Don’t forget to add promocode BENDNEVERBREAK to get your first $5.00 free. Click on Account, Settings, Got a Code and enter BENDNEVERBREAK to collect your reward.)
See how far along you have come, and how much more you need.

Step Two:

Choose a goal for your account, like Vacation or Home Purchase, and the goal amount. You also establish the desired achievement date for that goal.


Mylo monitors your account for transactions, and rounds up the transaction amount to the nearest dollar. Similarly, where you would have change in your pocket, the program automatically plans to transfer the change to your new account at Mylo. If you signed up after May, 2017, there is a fee of $1 per month.

What if I have a limit on transactions coming out of my chequing account?

Mylo only transfers once a week, regardless how many transactions you have made. Also, all round-ups will come from one account, even if based on multiple accounts or credit cards.

Wow, now what?

Here’s the best part. Do nothing.
The funds transferred each time are minimal, so you don’t need to budget a set savings amount. The program checks to see if there is enough to withdraw the funds that week, so you do not go into overdraft. Therefore, money flows bit by bit into your savings account, and is invested.


I have been using Mylo for about two months, and I have been more mindful about purchases lately. Just by paying my bills and other transactions like grocery purchases, gas and debt payments, I have already amassed $45.00 in my account.
If you only use Mylo for the most basic purpose of saving spare change, you will be in for a surprise at how easily and quickly you can save money.
You can transfer lump sums into Mylo, and soon the company hopes to open up more options, like offering registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), and tax-free savings accounts (TFSA), to name a few.

Wait. So my nickels and dimes collect into this account, it gets invested to make more money, and I don’t have to do a thing?

Financial advisors still recommend having a portion of your income go directly to savings, of course, but this is a great way to put away money pain-free.

How do I know my funds are safe?

Mylo features complete advanced bank-level security. It’s backed by Canadian ShareOwner (owned by WealthSimple). Your funds are insured up to $1,000,000.00.

Why are you telling us about Mylo?

You all know I am on a journey to save more, spend less, want less, have more… and this is just one tool that I have added to my personal resources. I hope this helps you out too.

Update: Feb. 2018: I am still using this great program! There were a few hiccups when I switched from a major institution’s bank account to a credit union’s bank account as my primary account. As soon as I reached out to the service team, they responded to my inquiries quickly. I was so impressed with how fast and simple it was to work out the wrinkles, especially when using a lesser-known credit union. I still recommend Mylo to everyone!



Last week I started listening to Jen Sincero’s YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY while I was driving to my day job. I starting thinking more and more about the Law of Attraction. I thought her book was encouraging, and was like a little crew of cheerleaders in my ear every morning. Who loves money? I love money. Money loves me. and all that good stuff. (Give it a shot before pooh-poohing it.) 

If nothing else, her book made me think. I thought about how I saw the universe and its layers of life when I was a teenager (a theory that was thought up myself – that in itself was creepy, as there was no influence from others that lead me to think that way) and how I used to escape from the world by sitting in the dark and “meditating”… back then, I was speaking to the “universe” and all things out there, asking for the things I wanted. And even though I didn’t receive a car, or a winning lottery ticket, I do remember having amazing luck, and getting a lot of what I desired. I thought I worked hard, had a horseshoe up my arse, and that was the way the world was. Years go by, and I land on my feet time and time again, restarting my life, and never looking back for a handout. I thought, again, that it had more to do with luck than anything else. 

And then I read this book. 

I haven’t done the exercises yet – I will, and I will talk about this later. But I realized that all of what had happened over the first three decades of my life, or at least the last twenty years, was much of the law of attraction, not luck or being in the right place at the right time. Once upon a time, I was much more in-tune with the universe, and I had no idea what that meant, or how to do it. Now, you see it everywhere, and I am less in-tune than ever. 

One day I will go into more detail about the decade I lost to a psychopath ex-roomie, but in the meantime, I want to focus on reconnecting with the world, taking time to establish the specifics of what I want, or like people now seem to say, establishing what I already have and will receive.

I want to know – did you read this book? Did you like it? Agree with it? What were your thoughts?

I am on reading #2 of the book, and this time, I will be taking note of the exercises and the mantras that she says will help me reconnect with life.

In the last week, one could say that I have “attracted” a free bag of licorice (thanks, Dawn), a box of chocolates from a grateful client, enough donations for my CIBC Run for the Cure  entry (please donate or sponsor me if you can – every dollar helps), a free play lottery ticket, oranges gifted to me, and more. While it’s not specifically money, I am grateful for the universe gifting me things that save me money and for supporting others through me. I am working hard at redirecting more my way, so that I can share with others, and I want to know what works for you. 

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