Do you get paid for what you sell?


Perhaps you think you don’t sell anything, since you do not get paid for it. Or maybe you do sell something, but you don’t realize what else you are selling. 



We advertise for companies every single day, whether it be the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the car we drive, and so many other ways that we do not even realize. 

Many times it is not intentional, like driving your car, or wearing a pair of black pumps. Recognizable brands, however, stand out. Retailers also add something for brand recognition: the fashion licence plate border that says “Bought at Joe Foe’s Auto Lot” or a pair of running shoes with a particular design. 

Are you getting paid for that? 

It’s time to turn it around. Marketing geniuses have made a killing by designing items that we use every day to influence current purchases, future purchases and purchases by friends and family. (Think Keurig.  How many people tried a Keurig for the first time at a friends’ house and had to have one?) This is not to say that the brands are not making a decent product, as many do. 

If you have a home-based business where you sell products, either handmade or from a catalogue, take advantage of your own marketing. 

Here are a few tips on how to do just that: 

– Use your car to advertise your brand. Get a sign for the back window (check bylaws and insurance to ensure you are not violating any policies) that says what company you represent and how they can reach you. 

– Do you carry a purse? Change it up. Wear a bag or purse that shows your brand or company. Use it to spark up a conversation while waiting for a bus or standing at the supermarket. 

– Give your products as gifts. Depending on what you sell, you may be able to advertise with a sweet product that you know people will love, and need more of. 

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