Sexy Budgets, Pants and Side Hustles, plus three takeaways on the Side Hustle

It’s November 7, and we are two days past the change from DST. For some reason, it’s a gain of an hour and yet I can’t regulate my sleeping patterns yet. I am also eagerly awaiting the reversal of the daylight time – December 21 where it’s the shortest day of the year and then we head back to the longer days.
I wanted to write down a few things I’ve learned throughout my journey over the last week:
Go for it
Through my podcast listening to J-Money (Budgets are Sexy), Paula Pants (Afford Anything), and Side Hustle Nation – Nick Loper (Side Hustle Nation) , to name a few, one of the key things I have heard is, if you want to do something, do it. Go for it. If you want to write, write. If you want to sing from rooftops, do it. I’m not talking about the episode where Bart Simpson was emulated by the whole town, but I am talking about blogs, businesses, books, etc.
I am throwing my hat in the ring. Despite all of the comments I receive on my posts (LOL), I am here. I am writing about my journey, and I am sure at some point a reader will be in the same spot. If it does not benefit anyone, then that’s fine. If no one reads this, that’s ok too. If nothing else, I have enjoyed writing about my life, and I enjoyed learning how to make a website. AND… I have also met a few amazing people through promoting my website (yay for learning Twitter!).
So what am I saying? Go for it. Some hustles will work. Some hustles may not. Set a timeline for hustling effort towards it, and go. If you do not get the results you wanted to see within 6 months/a year/etc., then try something else.
I’m looking at building a community, a support system, etc., so it’s more than just a web page for me.
Well, this one was a bit of an eye-opener for me. See, I am really good at putting my foot in my mouth, or expressing an opinion that may not be popular, or just saying something and having it come out wrong. I am notorious for giving people the wrong impression of me, only to find out down the road that it’s not nefarious, but just a warped sense of humour. Who would have thought?
Many people who are successful and independent have relied on, and promoted the benefits of, networking. Meeting people, building a relationship, and above all else – do not be a mooch. Networking is more than just “you scratch my back, I will scratch yours”. It’s about showing kindness to others, giving before you ask to receive, and putting yourself out there. It’s about learning to communicate without getting the label as “weird sense of humour girl”, and offering something of yourself before you ask for something in return. In fact, sometimes you don’t have to ask for something in return. Respect everyone. Learn to get along.
Yea, well, I also heard today that people prefer to read about other’s f*ck-ups as well, but that’s another day.
So – personal goal: filter my words, get to know people, and use connections to help before receiving.
We talk about what we need to invest in, what we need to save for, what we are doing, but do we take the time to invest in ourselves?
I finally booked my vacation. I decided that my sanity required investments as much as the rest of me, and I booked a solid week away. I am going to put my feet up on a beach, drink cocktails and relax. I will soak up the sun that we will not have here in Ontario for a couple of months, and I will be blissfully happy. At least until the day I need to go home.
(for privacy and safety, let’s just say this week may happen before the holidays)
I cannot wait. I am taking the opportunity to refresh, work on my relationship with my hubby and relax. Our relationship is great, but much like any houseplant, it will need some dedication and attention at some point, right?
Image result for free palm tree clip artSo there’s my three things to think about tonight. For my readers:
1.      What are you starting TOMORROW?
2.     Can you network more effectively?
3.     How will you invest in yourself?
Financial Independence, I will see you soon!
      The Xennial 

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