Series: Habits of the Wealthy and how I implement them into my Life (3)

Change isn’t easy, and learning new habits isn’t something that is done overnight. Much like any other habit, it requires passion, persistence and determination. One of the habits of the wealthy is about goals.
Goals are dreams or wishes that we want, but they are realized and written down. Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result, according to Wealthy people tend to write down their goals, and focus on the process, even if it is extreme or seemingly unattainable. In fact, Grant Cardone, author of The 10x Rule, says that goals need to be big, ten times the size as one that you think you could attain.

Nitty gritties:

Write out your goals

80% of wealthy people focus on achieving a single goal, compared to only 12% of poor people. (Thomas Corley)

Have more than one – you are allowed

This is not to say you should only have one goal. You can have many – in fact, write down as many as you can think of, because the purpose of doing this is to reach your goal, so you will need another and another to aim for as time goes on. What this does mean is that wealthy people keep their goal in their mind at all times, and use situations throughout the day as inspiration on how to attain that goal.  Keeping your mind open to possibilities might mean goal #2 is actually part of #4, and a subsection of #1… see? That list might be handy after all.

Be specific

Part of writing down your goals is ensuring you are using specifics. “I want to be wealthy” is not the same as “I want to invest $100,000 over the next two years, and I want to fund this project by opening a side hustle where I offer pies and pastries to churches.” Just an example, but you get the idea.
The wealthy are deliberate, dedicated goal-setters. Corley states that 62% of rich folks focus on their goals every day, as opposed to 6% of poor people – and 67% of the wealthy put those goals in writing.
(Side note: you have a to-do list, right? Go write down a reminder to write your goals out. Now.)
5 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People report that 70% of the wealthy pursue at least one major goal (see? You can have more than one). Only 3% of the non-wealthy do this.   

How I implement this into my life:

I shared a number of them with you earlier in the year.
I have decided what my focus will be for 2018: Money working for me. 
This means I need to attack consumer debt. Credit cards, loans and car loans are all getting the scrutiny this year.
Another area of focus will be for the future me: investing into my future.

Hey XB, what’s your plan?

I have a book I am publishing through Amazon: Build Your Business, Grow Your Team, and Make More Money in 30 Days and there will be a few more after that one.
Another goal is I want to read more, both for pleasure and for self-improvement.
I have actionable goals for my blog and I want to grow this community. I am hoping to provide quality content that will help readers and bloggers alike.
Understand that this habit is more about you making the decision to live intentionally, and less about how to fit it into your life. Once you have chosen a goal or two to focus on, we can break it down into steps to help you achieve it.
Share your goals with me, and let’s talk about them!  Don’t stop at just writing them down; let’s make it the year it happens for you.

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