Review of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Happy Hallowe’en, my friends. I hope everyone had a safe and fun “holiday”. 

I have been thinking about what I wish to accomplish with my goals. I want to start expressing a more obvious lesson or hack or hint that I have learned, and not just about my week. As I look back on these entries, I think it will help me find information I am looking for more quickly. (Feedback is great!)

I finally finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I had a few expectations: 1) I thought it would be dry, considering the topic and that I was new to the whole investment/wealth scene, 2) I had heard how this book was a miracle in disguise, and how people read it and quit their day job in order to follow this book, and 3) I had hoped for that a-ha moment as well. 

#1 – I was happily surprised and entertained at how the author used the story from a child’s perspective to teach these ideals in layman’s terms. While only part of the book is written from a child’s perspective, it is as clear as “see spot run”. I appreciated that. It also allowed some flavour to the discussion about money. 

#2 – Don’t work for money, make money work for you. This sums up the book. There are good points, and foundation discussions that one should consider, and also thought for the newbie starting out. HOWEVER, other than the promise of freedom without a boss, there was nothing in it that a sane person would take as gospel, quit their day job and expect to build an empire of nothing. You need to start with something, and the book doesn’t discuss starting from nothing. The author worked for money for a while to get to where he was, and the rich dad had worked too. Don’t fool yourself and quit your job, just make smarter decisions going forward. 

#3 – No a-ha moment. Just one of hurry-up-I-want-this-as-well. Maybe more of a-ha I finally see what I’m working towards? So ok, maybe a little moment.

TLDR: Read it at least once. If you are new at this or if you are an old hat, I think there is value either way, and if nothing else, we supported another entrepreneur. 

My day tomorrow will start with another book, another podcast, and another moment used to learn just that much more. How will yours look? 

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