Saying Goodbye is Bittersweet


We all seek it, we all want it. Growth in our money, in our knowledge, in our skills, and in our homes. There’s some that is not wanted, granted, but growth usually indicates bigger, and we always want bigger and better.

Paying Debt.

This weekend, I paid $1,350 towards my debts. I used up two gift cards that I had been carrying around, and ended up spending $126 at Walmart (hubby’s work boots had serious holes where I could tell you what colour his socks were), and other things for the house – dog treats, cat litter, women-y things, etc. I also spent $146 online at my favourite store, and ordered 5-6 dress shirts for work, with the premise that anything that I do not love will go back. Everything was on sale, plus free shipping. Can’t go wrong there, since I dress  business/business-casual for work every day.

Spending time with family.

This afternoon, I visited with my elderly grandparents. It’s tough when one of them looks at you like you are a stranger, and says she doesn’t recognize you. She’s not diagnosed as anything yet. My first reaction was to be angry – this woman has known me for years, and now not? But then I got scared, wondering if this was the end, if I would have to come to terms that my grandparents will not be there forever. I know, I am pretty fortunate that I have grandparents who are still alive – they are close to 90.

With any luck and self care, I might live nearly that long myself.

Financial Independence.

AND… that means I need to focus on financial independence. MORE.  I made some calculations and figured out that I could purchase a house in a couple years, but affordability would only be if I could find one that had a suite in the basement. If I rented out the basement, then that would pay for the extra costs of the mortgage from where I am now. Instead of investing just my money, why not use others’ as well?

I was looking online for places that were already duplexed, and there’s some options. So now I just need to focus on paying off debts and getting the down payment together.

Keeping my money in my pocket.

Lastly, I went bank shopping over the last week. I calculated that I pay $191.40/year in bank fees. I make no interest on the funds in that account. WHY am I paying that? So I am looking into changing bank accounts for one that will not charge me for having my money in their accounts. Sorry, TD, but I think I need to say goodbye.

I went into the banks on Friday, and asked them what they were doing for those who wanted a no fee account. She told me that I could leave a balance in there of $4,000.00. Um, if I had that, I wouldn’t be in this situation, and I wouldn’t leave it there to sit. So that’s not an option for me right now. Too bad, after 20 years, they have no interest in client retention. *sigh*

I am also looking for ways to make more money, of course. I need to look into how to freelance – anyone have any suggestions on how to get started? 🙂  

Mini Cook-out on Saturday night
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