3 Steps to being Happier and Healthier


Focus on You:
3 steps to being happier and healthier.



In my quest for learning more about bringing abundance, wealth and prosperity into my life, I have heard a few things that have really stuck with me. I wanted to share three of these with you, in hopes that they resonate with you, or maybe you have some to share with me. 

1. Focusing on world disasters made by man fuels the disasters. 

What on earth am I talking about?

Well, when you think of what you like or don’t like, want or don’t want, we create a vibration that the universe picks up, right? So, when we hear about crazy dude in that country/state/province/etc doing that thing, and we all talk about how crazy and scary and dumb it is, we are giving it energy. If there is no energy given, then it fades away.

This stuck with me. In concept, I agree. If there’s a tantrum and you give it no attention, usually it will cease. HOWEVER, while I understand that fueling the fire can make more people jump in and act irresponsibly, I am not sure that ignoring or disregarding bad deeds will make bad deeds go away. I wish it would. So, while this makes sense on some level, I am choosing to not talk about them, not think about them, and try to spread positive joy around the people that I interact with each day. Perhaps if we all tried that, we could start to reduce the actions of others that were caused in anger. 

That being said, I do not plan to make this community about social events, or rant about politics. I plan to embrace happy things, and remind myself that I can be the most effective when I am happy and healthy. 

2. Remove NOT, NO and DON’T 

I can credit The Secret and Michael Losier for this one. 

I am actively trying to remove NOT, NO and DON’T from my vocabulary. How? Change the answer. Say what DO you want?

“If you don’t change what you see, you will not see change.”
Change what you see, and you WILL see change. 

We say those words so easily that it’s hard to censor them first. While it will sound silly in the beginning, just stop, ask yourself what you do want, and rephrase. I believe it will help us know our desires easier, and it puts out into the universe a statement that can be relied on, and not misinterpreted. (Yes, I said it there.) 

The Secret says that the universe cannot decipher those words. 
“I do not want to be late.” (Be Late. Got it.) 
Whereas, if you say “I want to be on time.” 
There’s no way to misinterpret that. 

3. Manners ((under construction))

Those are three changes I am implementing in my life, and I have noticed a calming effect, and even that makes me happier. I believe it is all about changing what we see so that we can see change in ourselves. 

Who’s with me? 


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