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As promised, albeit a while ago, I had discussed doing a special project about side hustles. Here we are!




What is a side hustle?


Some people call it a gig, some people call it a passion project, others call it beer money. It’s a side project that people take on for various reasons. Perhaps you need more income to go on vacation, pay the bills, or invest in your retirement. Others are motivated by boredom. Either way you look at it, a side hustle is when you offer goods and/or services for money and it’s not your regular job.

There are so many examples of a side hustle. Here’s a few for fun:

  • Lawn cutting
  • Delivering papers
  • Writing a blog for income
  • Creating an online store, like Etsy, and selling handmade items or vintage goods
  • Signing up for odd jobs
  • Dog walking
  • Virtual Assistant






In May, 2018, I started my Etsy store with two listings. I offered social media digital designs, and announcement digital designs. Neither of them were true digital downloads, as they would be customized to the customer.

I wanted something passive, so I created a few more listings:

I wrote a 30 day guide for MLM and direct sellers based on my previous experience as an Avon representative.

I created a Freezer Stock Inventory form.

I made a Babysitter’s/Nanny’s Emergency Contact form to record important information that someone caring for your children should know.

I designed a CYA Acknowledgment regarding Smoke Detectors and C02 Detectors to protect landlords.

Finally, I also created 24-hour entry notices from the landlord or agent to the tenant.


Review so far:


Etsy makes it super easy to set up a store quickly. It also has amazing resources, and sadly, I must admit I have not taken the time to review them in detail.

Each listing costs $0.20 USD. This listing is active until you run out of stock, or four months’ time. Etsy collects a commission on each sale. They have recently increased it to 5% of the purchase price, to my understanding.

The interface is super easy to use, and you can also see stats like how many people have visited each listing, where your traffic is coming from, and more. It’s amazing how far these sites have come since the simple eBay days!

While I have had no sales to date, I have read that you should have 20+ to be featured more prominently on Etsy. I know my offerings are pretty simple in nature, but I was hoping for some traffic.

I have found that it’s a great way to advertise for my blog, however. I have seen some traffic directed from my social media offering, so that’s a highlight.

My intentions are to continue creating digital downloads until I have at least 20 listings. I will continue to advertise my listings through social media and any other outlet that I can use.

Once the store has 20+ listings, I will let the listings continue for at least 3-4 months and see if I can recuperate my initial investment. If there’s no growth, sadly, I may shut it down. If there is movement, I will continue for a while longer.

I have also signed up to be an affiliate member of Etsy, and hopefully that may help the side hustle biz! Note: Signing up to be an affiliate member requires a credit card and a cost of $5 without guaranteed approval.




Do you have suggestions on how to master this side hustle?
Send me a comment below!

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