Choosing a direction and going for it.

directionFinding Direction.

My last 10 days have been pretty exciting. I’ve been planning, re-planning, acting on the plans, revamping plans, and listening to inspirational audios to keep me centered. 

1. Meditation. I have started (re-started?) meditating again. Every solo chance I get, I listen to a guided meditation on a topic that I am wanting to embrace at that time. Sometimes it’s gratitude, sometimes it’s morning mindfulness, and other times it might be abundance or body scan, just to remind my body that it’s ok to relax. I notice that my days are different when I can start with that, and that weekends tend to throw me off balance. My schedule changes, I am no longer alone in the mornings, and I tend to spend more time online and in stores, and I find that the influence of media and other people changes my mindset. When I can center my thoughts and choose a mantra for the day, I tend to go back to it for at least half the day. When I start the day and allow media and other things to creep in, I notice my self-talk and balance within the universe waivers. I found that very interesting, as I become more self-aware this time around. Do you notice a difference in yourself? Maybe that’s partly why Mondays are so difficult.

2. Direct Sales. I used to have my own DS businesses with three or four different companies, and focused on one in particular. Within a 9 month period, I aimed for the top tier, and was awarded into that tier. I received top discounts, and could have continued competing for free trips, cars, etc., but by the time I got there, I was no longer motivated. I had made it to where I wanted to be, I had shown I could recruit more than anyone on my team, I could out-sell, out-advertise, etc., and in less than a year while working my full-time job. I had customers across 4 cities, and it was fun… until it wasn’t.

I realized that the fun was the challenge, but deep down, I wanted to mentor. I knew I could reach this stage, but I wanted someone(s), a team to work with me, to challenge each other, etc. I could not find that person who wanted to grow their business, and do it independently like I did. I didn’t want to have to provide all of their supplies, because they didn’t want to. I didn’t want to have to show up because something else more interesting came their way. I had more passion, more dedication, and I had no way of sharing it.

Until now. 

I am in the process of creating a 90 Day/90 Way planner to increase business, and make more money. So I have decided to offer daily tips for free in the meantime, and gauge the success of people, answer questions, etc., before I launch my new planner. So, introducing the link above for Grow your Business (name subject to change), where you can join on fb, and get daily tips and tricks.

I have had a lot of success in these direct sales businesses, and received recognition regionally, and nationally. What would you do to have the same? Is this a goal of yours?

3. Goals! This is exciting for me as well. I have decided that I am going to start focusing on what my 2018 goals will look like, and make a plan. What do you want 2018 to look like? It’s only a couple of months away, and I do not want to be planning it on New Years’ Eve – I plan to have a PLAN, a GOAL, and best of all, SUCCESS.

Who’s with me?

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