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In the last post, I was commenting on The Secret. Since then, I finished listening to the audio version, and watched the movie. I am working on making my thoughts positive (the universe does not recognize negating words, like don’t) and I feel like I am achieving some result. I have tried to make it a priority to stop and compile a gratitude list, and then challenge myself to add a few more. I try to do this when I recognize I am feeling particularly grumpy or down. Sometimes it’s a superior at work who pushes my buttons, and sometimes I get carried away with ill-fitting thoughts. I try to recenter myself with gratitude and thankfulness, and review the three key words I am working on: Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity

Speaking of wealth, there’s a podcast that I have been listening to, and it’s great. Two ladies, Cait and Carrie, have a program called Budgets and Cents. I love it. At first, it confused me. The podcast description is about changing your money so you can change your life. I expected discussions about personal finance, saving money, dealing with investments or side hustles, and instead, you receive a personal view of the life of these two women, who go through the aches and pains of starting businesses through blogging, freelance and self-employment, and how they changed their mindset on money. 

I would love to hear if you think that the Law of Attraction works, and what it’s done for you. I’d also like to learn more about what you turn on when you need inspiration or entertainment. 

Send me your comments and questions below. 🙂 

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UPDATE APRIL 26, 2018: Budget and Cents is now Honest Money Conversations! A few small changes, but it’s still our Cait & Carrie, talking about all things money.

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