8 Pet Peeves of Frugality



8 Pet Peeves of Frugality




Frugal tips that really bug me 


There are a ton of frugal tips out there that are fantastic, and almost as many that really bother me. Here’s my list of things to NOT do, as inevitably, they will come back to us in our cost of living. 

Take condiment packages from restaurants.


These restaurants put them out for use with the meals we purchase. If people start taking more than their share, eventually the restaurant will stop providing them, or the prices will go up. This means the condiments will no longer be free to people to use with their meals, as we will pay more. 


Share cable or other streaming services with the neighbour.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not the cable police. But services are metered out per household, and when more use is put on one line, it can have an affect on the usage of the area. If your service package says it’s only for your household, then don’t share with neighbours. If you get caught, you may lose your account or even be charged with theft.



Sign up multiple times for services with different email addresses just to get the free trial over and over. 


If the service is good enough that you want to use it regularly, and you go to the trouble of using multiple emails, you may get caught as all emails are coming from the same IP address. Further, you are still creating cost for the company, which in turn causes a higher cost to others. (It’s not like the company will lower their profits, right?) 


Reusing stamps that have not been inked.


Okay, this one is iffy. The post office is to ink each stamp to show it’s used, and sometimes they miss one or two. Is it ok to remove the stamp and reuse it? You are creating work for someone who has to be paid, and you haven’t paid for that service. That’s not a cool thing to do.


Signing up for freebies with multiple emails.


I’ve been guilty of this one. If a company is providing free samples, is it fair to sign up for four when three other people could use them and perhaps be customers in the future? Think about if you were in the grocery store. Would you eat four samples just because you were standing there and you were at the front of the line? (Maybe if they were super good, but even then, no!)




Stealing from community gardens.


Community gardens are for communities to grow fruits and vegetables, not for the community to feed the community – unless otherwise specified. A community garden is not up for grabs by anyone other than the gardener.




Denting cans or causing damage to packaging for a discount.


I’ve seen one too many Simpsons episodes, but dented cans are not usually a discounted item unless they are in a discount bin. Don’t cause damage to packaging in hopes that you might be eligible for a discount on the product.



Dirty Habits: Not flushing toilets, not washing clothes for multiple times of wear, and worst of all: that you can get more than one day out of socks and underwear.


Sometimes cleanliness is worth the extra pennies of being frugal, so please flush those toilets, wash your clothes and change your gitches! 


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