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Thank you for reading my book!

As promised, here are some tools that will assist you in your journey.


See 30 Days Book 1


Mark in your planner which tip or idea you tried on each day. Make note of how it went, and if you want to do this on a regular schedule. If so, book it. Don’t let procrastination get the best of your business! Click here for my favourite planners, or check these out – I absolutely love these!


Graphics and Illustrations

I like a variety of apps for making my Instagram or Twitter illustrations. Check your App Store for Canva, Typorama, and Aviary. Stock photos that are available free to anyone are available on Pexel,  Burst or Skitterphoto, to name a few. Try mixing and matching your images, cropping and fuzzing out backgrounds and a variety of other options to make an eye-catching display.

Accounting Software

Make your life easier! If you follow financial podcasts or work in the freelancing industry, the words FreshBooks should be familiar. This cloud-based accounting software helps you with invoices, tracking time, tax time and so much more. If you are done with managing piles of paper and never really knowing how much you made or what to charge, this is the place to start. Start here to try it out for 30 days free.


For freelancers, business owners and other self-employed people, taxes is a year-long endeavour. You no longer need to go to the store to get tax software when you use TurboTax. Start your returns today, and choose the level of support you need. Want it reviewed? Done. Have a simple return? Pay nothing to file.

What else do you wish to see here? Send me your requests and questions, and I will find some solutions!

Best Hosting Site

SiteGround is a full-service hosting company that supports many web page builders, including WordPress. It makes the process easy: I was able to export my posts from my non-hosted site to here with just a click. If you are starting out, or established, there’s a plan for you, starting at $3.95. Click here to get started. (New Update: All plans now offer site back-up!)

Do you want to Blog?

Blogging or running a website to showcase your products is a natural next step, if you haven’t started already. I will be posting a link here on a course that will help you monetize your site, and gain exposure. Stay tuned!

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