2018: Goals


Happy New Year! 

Welcome to my first post of the new year. I started this blog in September of 2017 under BendNeverBreak because I wanted to be a blogger. I wanted to have an outlet to share ideas and journeys, and I wasn’t entirely sure where it would take me. In the last four months, I have met a great community of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers (through Twitter and Instagram), and learned so much. I also found out that I was a little fish in a big, big sea, and if I wanted to be heard, I needed to say something worth reading, and say it with my own words and my own voice. Anyone can go to a news site and read what the associated press says, but no one can say what I want to say better than I can.
This blog has given me the opportunity to meet people who care about others, and allowed me to spend their money on others. While I haven’t gained hundreds (or even tens) of followers, I have hopefully provided a little bit of insight to those that have been here. In fact, my little blog has been visited 2,108 times as of today. That’s 500+ views a month, and while it’s nothing compared to the big guns out there, it’s amazing to me.
I am starting out the new year with some hopes, dreams, and goals. Call them resolutions, if you will, but here are a few items I am focusing on in 2018:  



– Paying down consumer debt
– Paying down car loan
– Investing in my future


– Giving myself the permission to treat myself as I would treat others goals
– Investing in myself: giving myself permission to learn new skills 
– Scheduling my time more effectively: learning to work smarter, not harder, and being more mindful of the ways I spend my time 
– I want to give back: I am a positive-oriented  solution-seeker who is always up for a challenge. I want to find a way to support people in their journeys.  To borrow words from a new friend, it’s more of a journey of mine, than a destination.
– I want to focus on great service, and not accepting poor service. My time and money are worth something, and this year, my focus is on respect.


– Sooner than later, I am planning to move the blog to a wordpress format, once I learn the how-to. 
– To finish my step-by-step guide on building home businesses for all the side hustlers in direct sales 
– Also, I look forward to sharing more of my experiences in real estate with you, and de-mystifying the process of getting into real estate. Whether it be investing, managing rental properties as a new investor, or dealing with tenants and the rules and regulations associated with it, I look forward to talking about it.  
Again, borrowing words from a friend:
It’s easy to overestimate what you can do in a day, but easier to underestimate what you can do in a year. 
We have 365 days to make things happen, but they will only happen if you write them down. Write down your goals, share them, and hold yourself accountable. I hope to share with you all of what I learn, and all of what I didn’t do so well. I really look forward to discussing it all with you. 
I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year, and look forward to seeing what the new year will bring. Thank you for being here.

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